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Innovafence is, quite simply, a maintenance free garden fencing system. Its contemporary design features create a smart looking and traditionally styled domestic garden fence. The system is simple to install, maintenance free and looks as good as new for many years.

You’re probably familiar with the problems often associated with traditional wooden fences. Even with costly and time-consuming painting, wooden fence posts and panels ultimately rot and need to be replaced. Splinters, warping and cracking are also commonplace. Wooden fences are also susceptible to both wind damage and insect damage. Innovafence overcomes all of these issues.

If you’ve ever installed concrete fence posts or concrete gravel boards, you probably struggled, they are exceptionally heavy and rough to handle. Innovafence overcomes these issues too.

Innovafence products are lightweight but still strong and resilient. Our system components are made from recycled PVC with a thin skin of Wood Plastic Composite on the visible faces which creates an aesthetically pleasing finish.

That’s our Innovafence, make it your Innovafence.

- Innovative Fencing

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