About us

Innovafence Ltd is a small independently owned company based in Gloucestershire. The expertise of its staff has evolved over many years in the plastics extrusion industry and associated toolmaking disciplines. The sum of this specialist knowledge and experience means that Innovafence is uniquely self-sufficient in all aspects of product design, toolmaking and manufacture of its’ product range.

Although relatively new to the marketplace, the Innovafence system has taken 10 years of design, development and “real life” testing to ensure that it is more than fit for purpose. The concept is simple - A domestic fencing system with traditional styling that is cost- effective, environmentally friendly, easy to install and maintenance free.

Environmentally friendly

All Innovafence profiles are made up of two elements, the core and the skin, which are co-extruded together to create a single homogenous component.

The core is made of recycled PVC materials from post-industrial applications which are sourced locally wherever possible.

A mixture of 50% virgin PVC and 50% woodfibre is used for the skin. This specialist composite material creates the look and feel of wood with the longevity of plastic.

The skin is only applied to the visible faces of our products which helps to keep the cost down and minimises the use of virgin materials.

Overall the profiles are made of approximately 80% recycled materials which minimises their carbon footprint and reduces landfill. Innovafence products can be recycled again after use, we even recycle our own production waste to maximise our utilisation of raw materials.

Your choice of colour

Innovafence is available in a choice of four colours to suit your taste and the environment that you wish to create your own garden. Each colour has been carefully selected to compliment traditional garden colour schemes and provide a warm welcoming backdrop that blends into its’ surroundings, yet still stands out.

The unique properties of the skin material means that the colour will mature over time, similar to wood when exposed to the elements. This process is gradual and results in colours fading to a lighter shade over a period of a few months after which little further change happens. Any minor imperfections that may have occurred during storage, handling or installation become much less noticeable thanks to this mellowing effect.

Another great advantage of Innovafence is that it looks good from both sides unlike most timber panels, so your neighbours will also love your new fence.

Easy to install

The Innovafence system is simple and easy to install. The boards simply slot into the H- shaped posts, an infill profile and post caps are available to finish off the post above the boards and a clip-on capping is then fitted to the top board to complete the installation.

Our posts are steel reinforced for additional strength yet they are still lightweight - a lot easier and safer to handle and install compared to concrete posts. Being 75mm square, our posts can be used with some proprietary metal post supports.

Simple flexibility of design allows you to create a fence that suits your needs. The boards simply dovetail together when stacked and being 150mm high it is easy to achieve an appropriate height for your application. If you need a panel that is narrower than standard, the boards can be cut down to suit using conventional tools - far easier than modifying a timber panel.

On uneven or sloping ground the boards can be trenched into the soil to maintain a horizontal installation line without fear of them rotting, so there’s no need to use heavy and unsightly concrete gravel boards. Some soil types can heave or change level over time which may affect the alignment of your panels sometime after installation. The effect of this disturbance can be overcome using our retaining clips which simply slide into a groove on the top of the lowest board and are screwed securely into the posts at both ends. This simple addition will ensure that your fence installation continues to look good for years to come.

Innovafence boards will also fit into existing concrete H-posts when replacing timber panels, and because they are fitted one board at a time there’s no need to struggle to lift a whole replacement timber panel up and slot it in from above!

From start to finish every aspect of your new fence installation is easier with Innovafence.

Easy to maintain

Once installed, Innovafence products require no maintenance. There is no need to paint or stain your fence ever again. Your fence will not rot or split so should not need to be repaired or replaced. Fit Innovafence once and forget about the ongoing costs and time spent on maintaining timber fences.